The automotive sector is one of the rapidly developing sectors that produce its own technology. The tightening of safety regulations in the world and the increase in the need for more performance, more economical and easier to produce vehicles bring the need for the use of high-tech products in the automotive sector. As CET, we are aware of these needs and demands, develop economical and high performance epoxy systems, and become the solution partner of automotive industry manufacturers.

Structural Parts

The epoxy systems we have developed for use in structural parts meet the needs of the industry.

  • Low viscosity
  • Fast curing
  • Easy demolding
  • Usability in areas such as chassis, exoskeleton
  • Light weight advantage

Exterior Body Parts

Our epoxy systems, which provide various mechanical gains, can be formulated and offered to our customers to be used in body elements such as automobile ceilings, door panels, exterior surface parts.

Fuel System Parts

The need for energy in our country and in the world is increasing day by day and new solutions are found to these problems. CNG and LNG usage for vehicles are just a few of them. Although not very common in our country, these systems, which are more widely used abroad, are generally produced by filament winding method, CET produces epoxy system solutions that will provide sufficient mechanical and chemical resistance to CNG and LNG tanks.

Automotive Adhesives

Automotive Coatings

Automotive Composites