Our molding systems are a comprehensive group of materials designed to produce robust and durable molds and models that can be cured at both room temperature and high temperature. These products include specially designed surface coating systems, laminating materials and casting compounds. Appropriate systems should be selected for high quality results.

Surface Coatings

Our epoxy surface coating systems, which allow curing at both room temperature and high temperatures, are high viscosity resins designed to be applied to the surface of the cured part with a brush or brush-like tool. They are easy to apply products and provide a hard surface after curing.

Lamination Systems

Our epoxy lamination resin systems are systems that we formulate to produce high performance composite molds or production parts intended for use with reinforcing materials.

Casting Resins

Epoxy casting resins are versatile products that can provide an excellent solution to a variety of industrial applications. They contain fillers that make the product easier to use or improve the properties after the products are cured. With these fillers, features that will increase the performance of the product such as low shrinkage, higher mechanical strength, and easy shaping can be obtained according to need. There are various systems that can be cured at both room temperature and high temperature.